Friday, October 29, 2010

understanding pattern

I need HELP!

Hi all-

I am trying to work a candy cane stocking pattern.  The instructions read; k3tog leaving sts on needle, yo, k3tog in same sts again, sl sts off needle"

So.. I knit my 3 sts together and then leave on left needle?
Where do I yo and then where do the next 3tog come from?
And is the sl sts the same 3 tog?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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  1. I understand it as yes you leave the stitches on the left needle and have the new stitch on the right. Wrap the YO on the right needle as well, then reinsert it back through the 3 stitches you already worked. Knit them together again and slide the entire thing off the left needle. This should give you 3 stitches on the right needle (1 from the k3tog, then 1 from the YO, last 1 from the k3tog the second time). It sounds like a major hassle, but that's how I understand it as you've written. Hope that helps. :D